Cats in Hats

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the 6th & 7th graders created animated Cats in Hats. Using an image of the Cat in the Hat without a hat that was shared by Becky C. on Elementary Tech Teachers, each student used Paint.NET to create from 3-10 different hats for the cat. Once the hats were complete, students headed over to Picasion and uploaded their images to create their animated GIF.

Which do you think are the funniest? The most Dr. Seuss-like? The most creative?
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If you want to see a larger version of an animation, right click on an image and View or Open Image. You may need to use the back button on the browser to return to this page.
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In addition to creating Cats in Hats, students also wrote a poem in the style of Dr. Seuss to describe their hats. If you want to check out the poems just click on any of the animated images and you will be taken to the student’s post on their ePortfolio site.