2012-13: Quarter 1

Here’s a recap of what 7th grade did during the 1st Quarter of the 2012-2013 year:

  • Self Portraits: The first thing that classes do every year is to create their self-portrait and 7th grade is no exception. In 7th grade, self-portraits are used as avatars in Edmodo.
  • Keyboarding Speed Assessment: At the beginning of each year students take a series of speed tests and calculate their average speed to see what their current typing speed is. They will be taking additional assessments during the year to see if their speed has improved.
  • International Dot Day: All grades (Kindergarten-8th) participated in International Dot Day this year. In 7th grade, students had to create a dot that represented how they wished to make their mark in life and then they wrote a short essay about what their dot represented, how they planned to achieve their goals and who they felt might mentor them in the process.
  • Excel Crossword Puzzle: Middle School students are required to create a crossword puzzle for an English assignment. To help them with this, they learn how to create a crossword using Excel.
  • PowerPoint Animal: As a fun activity, 2nd grade through 8th grade, used PowerPoint to create animals using simple shapes based on the How to Draw Funny Cartoons site. This was a good review of using the shape tools and background formatting tools in PowerPoint.

If you are interested in more details about any of the assignments for the 1st Quarter, you can read more about them on our wiki. If you’re interested in what our finished projects looked like, check out our 7th Grade Quarter 1 posts on our ePortfolio sites:

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