Weekly Opinion: Tweeting on a Field Trip

We have talked about the fact that what you post online is often much more public than you might intend it to be. Read this article and/or view this video about a teen who was thrust into the national spotlight because of a joking comment she made on Twitter.

What do you think about this? Do you think this was a private or public matter? Do you think the Governor’s office overreacted? Would you have apologized if this had been you? How private do you think things that you post online are? Add a comment on this post and voice your opinion.

If you are interested in what happened, check out this article and this one.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Opinion: Tweeting on a Field Trip

  1. I think this was a private matter, I don’t think that the Governor’s office had overreacted. People should have the right to say what they want or what their opinion is. I wouldn’t have apologized because it’s free speech. I think posts online are never private! There is someone out there reading those messages too!

  2. I think that the girl is awesome because she spoke her mind. I think it was a private matter before but now obviously became public. I think the government office did overreact. I wouldn’t apologize if I said that (not that I would) because I meant what I said. I don’t think they are private because anybody could see it.

  3. I think the Governor’s office overreacted. She has the privilege to speak her mind. I don’t think she did anything bad she was just sharing what was on her mind.

  4. I think this could be a public or private matter, it depends on if she wanted to go further with her argument or just tell her friends about her opinion. I think the governors office defiantly overreacted. I would not have apologized because she did not do anything wrong, she has the right of speech. Anything you post online can be viewed by anyone.

  5. I think the girl is tough and will stand up for herself.I think this was a private matter. I do think the Governor’s office did overreact. She was just sharing her opinion. I think things I post online are not at all private.

  6. I think it was a private matter because it was her own opinion. That she is aloud to say her opinion about it. The governor’s office did overreacted because she wanted to say her own opinion. If it was me a would apologizes but i will still be mad because i just wanted to say my opinion about it.

  7. I thought it was okay because this was on her mind. I think that this was a public matter and that the Governor’s office was just overreacting. No I wouldn’t apologize because it would be something on my mind that I really thought about. I think that private posts are not so private.

  8. I don’t think she should have posted that to begin with. Some things are better left unsaid, especially on the Internet. Nothing is truly “private”. I would have apologized, however, to avoid uproar and out of respect to an authority figure.

  9. I believe this controversy should have been a private manner with just Emma and the Governor. I think that government overreacted to this Tweet from an inexperienced politician. If it were me I would’ve apologized to them anyways even if it was just a “joke”. Though I have high security settings on my social networking sites, I still believe that the Government can see everything we post or put online.

  10. I didn’t think that it wasn’t a good idea to post something like what she said,but I also think that the government shouldn’t put what she said out here to the wolrd

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