Weekly Opinion: Favorite 1st Semester Assignment

Visit your ePortfolio site and check out the assignments that you completed in the first semester to decide which was your favorite. Don’t forget that creating your ePortfolio site was also a first semester assignment!

Decide which was your favorite and add a reply to this post telling me which was your favorite and why. Use only your first name and do not enter an email address. Remember to use complete sentences and proper grammar and spelling.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Opinion: Favorite 1st Semester Assignment

  1. My favorite assignment of the first semester was the No Technology Story. I did quite well on this assignment and got to express my creativity. The short story became the first chapter of a story I wrote a few months later.

  2. The self portrait we did in the first quarter was my favorite assignment. I really love drawing in Paint, and accomplishing new challenges in there too.

  3. My favorite assignment of quarter one is the Self Portrait. I like this assignment because I learned about new tools. I also liked it because it was a fun way to show creativity.

  4. My favorite project was the “No Technology Story”. It was fun making a story about myself if I had no technology.

  5. My favorite assignment I did in the first semester was the paper blog! I thought it was fun to do because I got to express myself and say what my passion is about! I can’t pick one because the self portrait is my favorite too! I loved trying to make a self portrait of myself on paint!

  6. My favorite assignment for quarter one was the blog. I did a horse blog and I loved telling people all about what I love. I hope the people who read it will learn something new. It was my first experience blogging, I hope we can do it again!

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